The Reports listed below can be accessed in SAMS by selecting BOCES Financial/State Aid Reports. To view the entire list of reports available click on State Aid Reports.

BOCES Reports
Name of Report Report Type Description Suggested Use

BOCES Expense for Allocation Reports

BOCES Expense for Component Allocation (PSN Level)
Component School District BOCES Aid
PSN level
BOCES-level report that calculates expense for allocation to components for every PSN Use in conjunction with totals check edit named "Svc Total Expense Allocated to Components." Item #32 in this report is source for "BOCES Total" columns on this edit's 'View Details' report
BOCES Expense for Allocation (Service Area Level), SA-114, RWADA and EPE
Service Area Level

Expense for Allocation BOCES-level report that calculates expense for allocation to components for Admin (BOC-AD) and each major Co-Ser area. Review BOC-AD aidable allocated expense calc before certification. Service area reports replicate old DEA reports, but new PSN level version more useful
SA-114 Report State Aid Report Displays Admin, Services, Rent, Capital, Save Harmless Aids and Total BOCES Aid for each component for the current year. Run and compare to prior year report prior to certifying claim. Good 'eyeball' comparison. Also, print and keep copies from different points in time during the year (snapshots) for your records.
RWADA Attendance Report State Aid Report Displays RWADA Aid Ratio and RWADA for corresponding year for Current Year, and Estimated RWADA Aid Ratio and RWADA for corresponding year for Projected Year Multiple uses internal to BOCES. Note: Projected data is entered once at the beginning of the year. It does not change with SAMS revisions.

BOCES Component Reports

Component School District BOCES Aid- Service Area Level State Aid Report Displays the BOCES State Aid calculation for each component beginning with aidable expense allocated to the component. (Includes all Major CoSer Areas and Facilities pieces) Also displays projected aidable expense calculation, but not projected aid. This is the report most directly related to aid payments and executive/enacted projection computer runs. Within each major service area, the aidable expense item and each deduction item should represent the total of all PSNs in the service area. Spreadsheet version of uploaded xml file can be reconciled to the items on this report.


SA-111 Schedule 4 Report State Aid Reports Displays SA-4 data to look like SA-111 (NOT to be used as official SA-111) Can filter by PSN, Service Area, Actual/Projected etc.

Most efficient way to view Schedule 4 in SAMS

Cross-Contract Reconciliation

Excess Salary Charges for Cross Contracted Services: Purchasing BOCES Report State Aid Reports Compares what all other BOCES have reported on their Schedule E that they charged you in excess salaries, to what you reported being charged on your Schedule X. Run before Certification, end of Oct., mid Jan., and end of the school year. Make sure you've reported on Schedule X all you have been charged.
UAS Charges for Cross Contracted Services:Purchasing BOCES Report State Aid Report Compares what all other BOCES have reported in their UAS (provided) area that they "charged" you in UAS, to what you have reported in UAS for purchased services in your UAS (purchase) area. Run before Certification, end of Oct., mid Jan., and end of the school year. Make sure your reporting of UAS for services you purchased is complete.

Additional BOCES Reports

BOCES Financial/
State Aid Forms/ Official or Revision
Edit Report Displays all edits that kick out based on parameters set by State Aid on the data file. (Includes trend edits, totals check edits, etc.) Must be run after new import of data and when comments need to be updated. Run before certification of claim and after loading revisions, and respond to edit exceptions either by comment or new import of data.
NA Validation Error Report In email that is sent to you after importing file into SAMS. This displays any formatting, coding errors SAMS detects. Automatically runs with each import of data to SAMS.


BOCES Financial/ State Aid Forms/ Official or Revision/ Capital & Rent Expenditures

BOCES Capital and Rent Expense Form BOCES-level and Component-level form/report that displays BOCES Total and Allocated Capital and Rent Expense Review prior to certification to ensure your Wincap choices in these areas result in intended SAMS allocated expense
BOCES Financial/
State Aid Forms/ Revision
Change Submission Summary Compares official to loaded revision data for selected high-level totals.
Automatically runs with any revision (new file anytime after DS certification) that changes data. Must review before submitting to State Aid to ensure revisions being accepted into SAMS are as intended.
Spreadsheet version of XML data XML to XLS Conversion Tabular view of XML data.
Not what was loaded into SAMS.
BOCES creates based on SED Template
Examine red tabs to check reasonability and completeness of data set.
Can review validation error report.
Last Updated: August 11, 2017