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Changes to the 2016-17 Forms


RSU (Rate Setting Unit) Forms and CPSE (Committee on Preschool Special Education Administrative Forms and Schedules) are now 2 form sets.  Each requires a separate edit report and superintendent certification.

Form Set A - Attendance

New Items:  84b. Total Resident 4 Yr Olds with Disabilities served for 4 Hrs or More per Day in 4410 Preschool Program


79b. Resident Enrollment BOCES Full Time General Education - BEDS (item 4d)


Form Set FB - Building and Misc.

New Form - Schedule W: Water Testing and Remediation Aid


Form Set FT - Transportation

All new claim process for aid on contract expense. Current year aid will only be paid on Schedule J expense associated with approved contracts.


Form Set ST-3

General Fund – New accounts added for reporting projected expenses including:


Reimbursement of MTA Payroll Tax A2730

Federal Fiscal Stabilization Grant for the Deficit Reduction Assessment Restoration A4285

Interest Subsidy For Build America Bonds.  A4289

Payment of MTA Payroll Tax. A1980.4

For information on accounting changes please see the publication "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Accounting and Reporting" published by the Office of the State Comptroller (Division of Local Government and School Accountability http://osc.state.ny.us/localgov/index.htm)


Changes to the 2015-16 School Year ST-3 Form (Claim Year 2016-17 SAMS)

Special Aid Fund

Beginning in Claim Year 2009-10 reporting of expenses for Pupil Transportation for Students with Disabilities (Education Law Section 4408, Section 4201, and OMRDD Chapters 47/66 & JULY/AUGUST Programs) has been separated to account for Pupil Transportation EXCLUDING SUMMER and Pupil Transportation SUMMER Transportation ONLY.


SS - 2 Statement of Non Current Governmental Liabilities

New Account - Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB) W683.

For a complete summary of ST-3 changes for 2009-10 Claim Year see: http://stateaid.nysed.gov/st3/st3change_fiscal_year_end_063009.htm


ST-3 Help File Changes

The majority of ST-3 help text for 09-10 Claim Year has been updated – however further updates will be published as more information is received from the Office of the State Comptroller.  The most current information can always be found on the State Aid Web site: http://stateaid.nysed.gov/