Schedule B: Dual Enrollment Worksheet

Help for Schedule B (Dual Enrollment Worksheet)

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Directions For Schedule B (Dual Enrolled Pupils)

Dual enrolled pupils are those pupils enrolled in a non-public school in any district who, for some portion of the day or week, receive services from the public school district in the areas of special education, occupational education or gifted education. If you have non-public school pupils (either from within or outside your district) for whom you provide services in one or more of these areas, you should claim them on Schedule B.

Aggregate attendance of dual enrolled students in sections I, II and III is the total for all students for the school year reported by either one, two, three and/or four periods per day.  For example, if a dual enrolled student receives special education services one period per day three times a week for the entire school year, the aggregate total just for that one student would be 120 (1x3x40 weeks in a school year).

Dual enrolled student FTE in Section IV should be computed using the FTE calculator and reported in total by either one, two, three or four periods per day. One Period per Day line entry was newly added to Section IV for the 2017-18 SAMS claim year. Note that Grades K through 3 do not operate on a period basis. Therefore, for Grades K-3 the 'One Period per Day' description is defined as a minimum of one hour per day, 'Two Period per Day' as 2 hours per day, 'Three Period per Day' as 3 hours per day and 'Four Period per Day' as 4 hours per day. This rule should also be applied to other elementary grades not operating on a period basis.

When the aggregate attendance and FTE of students with disabilities are entered on Schedule B, the program will calculate the total dual enrolled ADA and automatically transfer the data to Form A, Entry 72.

As necessary, report projected current year dual enrollment counts on Schedule B, Section V, lines 1 through 6, in the projected 2017-18 school year column.