Accepting or Rejecting a Change Request

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Accepting or Rejecting a Change Request

SAMS allows school entity users to change/revise data that they have certified and officially submitted to NYSED.  No change request data will become part of the official database record of a school entity until it has been submitted to NYSED via use of the Change Submission Form and subsequently accepted by NYSED via use of the associated Edit Exception Report.


A change request can either be accepted or rejected.  Acceptance of a change request updates the indicator on each data item included in the request so that they become part of the Official Data Area for that school entity.  Rejection of the change request is simply a way for NYSED to inform the school entity that changes/revisions are not allowed to their data at this time or that there are issues with the revised data that must be resolved by the school entity before NYSED will accept it.  The changed data that was rejected will still be available for the school entity to re-submit at a later time, however.  Change requests will not be accepted or rejected on an item-by-item basis, rather NYSED will accept or reject all of the items in a change request submission.  To accept or reject a change request, perform the following steps:


1.Click on the Search Claims submenu under the Claims Review menu button that is located near the top of the screen.  The Find Claim Review Items screen is displayed.

2.Enter your search criteria and click on the Find button.  Click on the Reset button to clear out the Name and BEDS Code fields in order to search for items related to all school entities.

3.Click on the name of the Edit Exception Report you want to review.  The Edit Exception Report will open in the Revision Data Area.

4.Click on the Assign check box to assign the Edit Exception Report to yourself.  All of the buttons at the bottom of the form will not be visible unless you are assigned as the reviewer.

5.Review the Edit Exception Report and make comments, as necessary, in the provided fields.  Save the comments by clicking on the Save button at the bottom of the report.  A summary of the pending form field changes for the form set that the Edit Exception Report is associated with will be displayed at the top of the report.  All of the form field values used by the Edit Exception Report will be based on the pending changes.

6.To accept a change request, scroll to the bottom of the report and click on either the Clean or Clean with Issues button.

7.To reject a change request, scroll to the bottom of the report and click on the Reject button.