Activity Log

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Reviewing the Activity Log

The Activity Log can be used to review the history of major activities associated with a school entity's data collection forms and to add correspondence items capturing information exchange events that may have occurred outside of SAMS that a user wants to keep track of (e.g. a phone call).  SAMS automatically generates activity log records when certain events occur, such as when the status of a form set changes and when automated e-mail notifications are sent to users of the system.  To review the Activity Log, follow these steps:


1.Select the Activity Log item from the SAMS main menu.

2.(Optional) Filter the information presented to you in the Activity Log by selecting your filter preferences from the available drop-down boxes and then clicking on the Apply Filter button.


Adding a Correspondence Item

To add a user-defined correspondence activity follow these steps:


1.To add a correspondence activity, click the Add Corresp. button on the Activity Log page.  The Add Correspondence page will open.

2.On the Add Correspondence page select the Correspondence Type from the drop-down box list, the Form Set from the drop-down box, and fill in all the applicable text boxes. When you are ready to save the correspondence, click the Add Corresp. button at the bottom.