Adding or Reviewing Form Field Comments

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Adding or Reviewing Form Field Comments

1.With the cursor in the field that you want to add a comment to or review the comments of, press the F7 button.  A separate window will appear that will allow you to enter a comment and view any other comments related to the field.

2.Add your new comment in the designated box.  Note that the history of any previously added comments for the field, including those added by other users, will also be displayed in this window.

3.Click the Add Comment button and then close the comments window by clicking on the 'X' located in the top right-hand corner of the window or by pressing CTRL+W.

4.Save the form.  Comments are equivalent to the data that is entered into each form field and are not saved until the form has been saved.  When there are saved comments associated with the current value in a field, a check mark icon will be displayed to the right of that field.  If the cursor is held over the icon with the mouse then the most recent comment for that field value will be displayed.  There may be historical comments associated with previous values for a field that can be accessed by pressing the F7 button, but the check mark icon is only displayed when there are comments associated with the current field value.


Note:  If the form is in the NULL or SAVED status, the data and comments are not being versioned (i.e. the old field values and comments will be overwritten in the database when a new value or comment is entered and saved).  Because the field values and comments are not being versioned during these statuses, the previous comments on a field will no longer be available when a user changes that field's value and saves the form.