Administrative Compensation Information Form Disclosure

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2019-20 Administrative Compensation Information Form

(For State Aid Claim Year 2018-19)


Note that for the first time in many years we are amending the format of this form.  In response to recent legislative efforts spurring the need for greater sharing of costs in service provision and local government administration, we wish to give those districts that have shared administrative staff in the past and are doing so at the present, the ability to highlight these efforts in the upcoming school year.  Accordingly, the form will allow a district to identify the other districts with whom they will be sharing administrative staff for school year 2019-20.


If you will be sharing a superintendent, list the district (or districts) with whom you will do so in the text box on the form for that purpose and if you will be sharing other administrative staff, please send an email to EMSCMGTS, indicating the title of each staffperson(s) as well the other district(s) involved in the cost-sharing.


When you do the data entry for the salaries, benefits and other compensation if applicable, in the form, please note that you should reflect only the financial support or commitment that your district will be making.  That is to say that if a district will be sharing admin staff, the values entered here by an individual district to the cost-sharing arrangement, should not reflect the total amounts budgeted to be paid by all participating districts over the school year.


Chapter 474 of the Laws of 1996 required that the State Education Department prepare a statewide compilation of the salaries and other personnel costs of certain school administrators and make it available to all interested parties.  Listed here are data, provided by school districts, of the salaries, employee benefits and other forms of remuneration for superintendents of schools (Type 1), deputy, assistant or associate superintendents (Type 2) and any other certified school administrators or supervisors (Type 3) who are budgeted to be paid at or above a certain level ($135,000 for 2019-20). This listing refers to information budgeted in May 2019 and expected to be paid in 2019-20) and applies to a particular position in a school district, not necessarily a particular individual.  In order to fully understand the meaning of the data, clarification from individual districts may be necessary.


Caveats are in order in interpreting this data.  The data is self-reported, un-audited and does not necessarily represent the whole State as there are districts that are not required to report the data.  In addition, some districts may not use certain titles.


Three categories of remuneration are presented here. Taken together, they represent the total compensation provided for a particular position. The definition of each category is adapted from OMB circular A87, Cost Principles for State, Local and Indian Tribal Governments. The definitions are:

Salaries:  The wages budgeted on an annual basis for the position. Include the positions of Superintendents (at any level) and deputy, assistant or associate superintendents and any other certified school administrators or supervisors who are budgeted to be paid at or above $135,000 for 2019-20.

Fringe:  Fringe benefits are allowances and services provided by employers as compensation in addition to regular salaries and wages. The cost of fringe benefits includes employer contributions for social security, employee life, health, unemployment and worker's compensation insurance, pension plan costs and other similar benefits allowable under established written policies. If a figure is provided under Salaries, this item may not be $0.

Other:  The annualized monetary value of any and all forms of compensation not included under Salaries or Fringe. Examples include (but are not limited to) employer expenses for additional insurance and/or annuities, housing allowance, moving allowance, the personal use of a vehicle and/or residence, professional organization membership fees or dues, and other expenses. This item might be $0, if the total compensation for a position was included in Salaries and Fringe above.


The form for submitting your administrative salary disclosure remains the same as last year. The form will allow you to enter some or all of your salaries in one session, log out and return at another time and continue entering more salaries or editing those that have already been entered. You may view, enter, edit, and print what you have entered at any time up until the deadline date of Monday, May 7, 2019. At COB on that date, the data will be frozen, and will be considered your final submission.


If you have any questions about the 2019-20 Budgeted Administrative Salary Disclosure form please email Stephen McNally in the Office of Management Services or call (518) 402-5286.



1.You must enter a salary and employee benefit value in the Superintendent line. It cannot be blank.


2.Enter information for the following titles regardless of salary level:


b.Assistant Superintendent

c.Associate Superintendent

d.Deputy Superintendent

e.Any title containing the word "Superintendent"

i.For each position, complete the following data fields - an entry is required


2.Salary (e.g. 50000) please enter whole dollars only - do not use $, comma, or period

3.Employee Benefits (e.g. 45000)

4.Other Remuneration (if greater than $ 0)


3.Enter information for Other Supervisory or Administrative positions if the salary exceeds $130,000. For each position, complete the following data fields - an entry is required:




4.Press the Save button to save your data.


5.Open and run the Administrative Compensation Information Edit Exception Report to check your data.


6.When you have completed entering and saving data, press the Save & Ready button to change the status of the form to Ready.


7.Open the Administrative Compensation Information - Certification and press Certify & Submit. If you are successful, the status of the form will change to Saved. You need take no further action.