CoSer Certification Form

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The CoSer Certification Form is used by BOCES Superintendents to certify the List of Active Services form for the BOCES they represent.  The CoSer Edit Report for the related BOCES must be in the "Ready" state before this certification can occur.


Access the Form


To access the CoSer Certification Form navigate to CoSer System > CoSer Forms > CoSer Official Data from the main menu of the BOCES subsystem.  A tree-like structure of BOCES/CoSer forms will be displayed.  Click on the CoSer Certification Form link within the CoSer Forms branch to open the form.  A BOCES must be set in the header before the form tree will appear.


Certify the CoSer Form Set (List of Services and Program Descriptions)

To certify the List of Active Services form, click on the "Certify & Submit" button.