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Help Screen for General Instructions Regarding CPSE Administrative Cost Schedules SS-31 through SS-34

These schedules report the total expenditures for administrative activities incurred by the Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) as they relate to students with disabilities ages 3-5 under Section 4410 of the Education Law. They will be used by the STAC, Special Aids and Medicaid Unit (STAC) to determine a level of reimbursement for CPSE administrative activities performed by public school districts. Districts that will be performing CPSE administrative functions during the school year must complete these supplemental schedules.


Reported costs will be considered for reimbursement provided that such costs are reasonable, necessary and directly related to the CPSE administrative functions. Costs must also have adequate substantiating documentation. Expenditures considered over and above the required CPSE administrative function(s) will not be reimbursed. Designation of a cost as reimbursable during the initial process is subject to change on field audit. Periodic field audits are performed in accordance with Section 200.18 of the Commissioner's Regulations. A more detailed review of expenditures during an audit may reveal that costs reimbursed during a prior year should not have been reimbursed. Audited programs will be given an opportunity to review and comment on the draft report before the report is made final.


Within each schedule's line item Help Screens there will be specific references to reimbursable/non-reimbursable items pertaining to some line items. In addition, costs relating to the following are not reimbursable through this process and should not be reported within these schedules:


Due process costs are not considered reimbursable CPSE administrative costs since they are reimbursed through the STAC system.


Expenses for evaluation of children are not considered reimbursable CPSE administrative expenses since these costs are reimbursed separately.


Except for the expenses of the chairperson and parent member, expenses of other members of the CPSE are not reimbursable as a CPSE administrative function since they are covered in other rate categories.


The CPSE should recognize that information in financial reports is continually being analyzed and modifications may be made from year to year based on that analysis. Continuous review by SED, the State Division of Budget (DOB) and municipalities providing funding to programs under Section 4410 of the Education Law may also result in modifications. Any questions arising about a subject not described herein will be reviewed by SED and treatment of such subjects may be described in the subsequent years.


If you have any questions regarding any of the CPSE Administrative schedules, please contact the STAC, Special Aids and Medicaid Unit at (518) 474-7116.


Supplemental Schedule SS-31

Supplemental Schedule SS-32

Supplemental Schedule SS-33

Supplemental Schedule SS-34