Cross Contracting Form

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The Cross Contracting Form is used to view the services provided and received by a BOCES.  This form also provides the ability to add a new provided service.


Access the Form


To access the Cross Contracting Form navigate to CoSer System > CoSer Forms > CoSer Official from the main menu of the BOCES subsystem.  A tree-like structure of BOCES/CoSer forms will be displayed.  Click on the Cross Contracting Form link within the CoSer Forms branch to open the form.  A BOCES must be set in the header before the form tree will appear.


Viewing the Cross Contracting Form in the Revision data area isn’t applicable since this form isn’t certified.


Main Sections of the Form


The Cross Contracting form is split into two sections.  The top section lists Services Provided, while the bottom section lists Services Received.  Only the Services Provided section is editable.  The read-only information in the Services Received section is based on the information entered by other BOCES in the Services Provided section of their Cross Contracting form.


To remove an existing Service Provided, click the check box provided next to the service, and then click the 'Save Form" button.


To add a new Service Provided, fill out all of the details under the Add New Services heading and click the "Add Program" button.  To commit this new service to the database, click the "Save Form" button.  To enter BOCES information, start typing either a BEDS Code or BOCES name in the appropriate box and make your selection from the dropdown box.  To enter an activity, start typing a valid Activity Code and make a selection based on the dropdown list.  The Activity Name, PSN, and Program Name will be automatically populated based on the Activity Code that was selected.