Form ST-3 and Schedules

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A. General Fund Menu

Exhibit A - General Fund Balance Sheet

Schedule A3 - General Fund Revenues

Schedule A4A - Expenditures by Function and Object of Expense (Entries 1 - 128)

Schedule A4B - Expenditures by Function and Object of Expense (Entries 129 - 298)

Schedule A4C - Expenditures by Function and Object of Expense (Entries 299 - 436)

Schedule A5 - Expenditures for the Microsoft Settlement (STVP)

Statement A1- Summary Statement of Budget, Revenues and Variance

Statement A2 - General Fund Summary Statement of Budget and Expenditures

Statement A3 - Analysis of Fund Balance


B. Special Aid

Exhibit B - Balance Sheet

Schedule B2 - Revenues

Schedule B3 - Expenditures

Schedule B4 - EPE Program Expenditures

Statement B1 - Analysis of Fund Balance


C. School Food Service

Exhibit C - Balance Sheet - School Food Services Programs

Schedule C2 - Revenues School Food Service Programs

Schedule C3 - Expenditures School Food Service Programs

Statement C1 - Analysis of Fund Balance School Food Service Programs


E. Public Library Fund

Exhibit E - Balance Sheet

Schedule E2 - Revenues

Schedule E3 - Expenditures

Statement E1 - Analysis of Fund Balance


F. Debt Service Fund

Exhibit F - Balance Sheet

Schedule F2 - Revenues and Expenditures

Statement F1 - Analysis of Fund Balance


G. Capital Funds

Exhibit G - Balance Sheet

Schedule G2 - Capital Funds

Schedule G3 - Expenditures by Project and by Control Account

Statement G1 - Capital Funds


H. Agency Funds

Exhibit H - Agency Funds


I. Permanent Fund

Exhibit I - Permanent Fund

Schedule I2 - Permanent Fund

Statement I1 - Permanent Fund


J. Miscellaneous Special Revenue Fund

Exhibit J - Miscellaneous Special Revenue Fund

Schedule J2 - Miscellaneous Special Revenue Fund

Statement J1 - Miscellaneous Special Revenue Fund


K. Private Purpose Trust Fund

Exhibit K - Private Purpose Trust Fund

Schedule K2 - Private Purpose Trust Fund

Statement K1 - Private Purpose Trust Fund


Supplemental Schedules SS-1 to SS-9