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Additional Data for Calculations

Administrative Compensation Information Form

Agency Funds (Exhibit H)

Analysis of Fund Balance (Statement A3)

Analysis of Fund Balance (Statement B1)

Analysis of Fund Balance (Statement E1)

Analysis of Fund Balance (Statement F1)

Analysis of fund balance school food service programs (Statement C1)

Attendance Schedules A1-A8

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Balance Sheet (Exhibit B)

Balance Sheet (Exhibit C)

Balance Sheet (Exhibit E)

Balance Sheet (Exhibit F)

Balance Sheet (Exhibit G)

Budget and Expenditures (Statement A2)

Budget Revenues and Variance (Statement A1)

Bus Purchase Amortization (Schedule F6)

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Capital Funds (Schedule G2)

Capital Funds (Statement G1)

Charter Enrollment and FTE (Schedule U)

Contractual Trans Expense for District Operated Programs (Schedule I)

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Dual Enrollment Worksheet (Schedule B)

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EPE Program Expenditures (Schedule B4)

Expenditures (Schedule B3)

Expenditures (Schedule E3)

Expenditures by Function and Object of Expense (Schedule A4a)

Expenditures by Function and Object of Expense (Schedule A4b)

Expenditures by Function and Object of Expense (Schedule A4c)

Expenditures by Project and by Control Account (Schedule G3)

Expenditures for Lease Buildings (Schedule M2)

Expenditures School Food Service Programs (Schedule C3)

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Form A

Form FB: Building Miscellaneous

Form FT

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General Fund Balance Sheet (Exhibit A)

General Fund Revenues (Schedule A3)

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Interest Rate Reduction Waiver Application Form

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Microsoft Settlement (STVP) (Schedule A5)

Miscellaneous Special Revenue Fund (Exhibit J)

Miscellaneous Special Revenue Fund (Schedule J2)

Miscellaneous Special Revenue Fund (Statement J1)

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Non-Allowable Pupil Decimal Worksheet

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Permanent Fund (Exhibit I)

Permanent Fund (Schedule I2)

Permanent Fund (Statement I1)

Printing a Help Topic

Private Purpose Trust Fund (Exhibit K)

Private Purpose Trust Fund (Schedule K2)

Private Purpose Trust Fund (Statement K1)

Property Tax Report Card Disclosure

PRSU Schedules

Public Service Carriers (Schedule K)

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Revenues (Schedule B2)

Revenues (Schedule E2)

Revenues and Expenditures (Schedule F2)

Revenues School Food Services Programs (Schedule C2)

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Security Cameras, Metal Detectors, Safety Devices (Schedule N)

Shared Services Aid (Schedule T)

Supplemental Schedule SS-10

Supplemental Schedule SS-11

Supplemental Schedule SS-12

Supplemental Schedule SS-13

Supplemental Schedule SS-14

Supplemental Schedule SS-16

Supplemental Schedule SS-20

Supplemental Schedule SS-21

Supplemental Schedule SS-22

Supplemental Schedule SS-23

Supplemental Schedule SS-24

Supplemental Schedule SS-25

Supplemental Schedule SS-26

Supplemental Schedule SS-27

Supplemental Schedule SS-31

Supplemental Schedule SS-32

Supplemental Schedule SS-33

Supplemental Schedule SS-34

Supplemental Schedules (SS-1 - SS-9)

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Textbook, Software, Library Materials, and Hardware Expense (Schedule C)

Transportation (Schedule G)

Transportation Contract Expenses (Schedule J)

Transportation Supplies and Materials (Schedule H)