My Claims

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My Claims

The Claims Review main menu item contains submenu items that can be used by NYSED users with the appropriate application security role to search for and review claims review items, such as Edit Exception Reports, for school entities during the Claim Review Process and the Revision Process.  The My Claims submenu item allows a user to access the My Claim Reviews screen which provides a summarized list of the claims review items that are currently assigned to the user.  To review an item already assigned to yourself, perform the following steps:


1.Select a year from the Claim Year box located in the top-left corner of the application and click the Set Values button.

2.Click on the My Claims submenu under the Claims Review menu button that is located near the top of the screen.  The My Claim Reviews screen is displayed.

3.Click on the name of the item that you want to review in order to open it.