Program Details Form

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The Program Details Form is used to edit an existing program or create a new program


Access the Form


The Program Details form is accessible through the List of Active Services form.  Users can either click on an existing CosSer from the list of active services or click on the "Add New CoSer" button at the bottom of the List of Active Services form to access the Program Details form.


Main Sections of the Form


The main sections of the form are described below.


Program Definition

The program definition section is intended for use by the BOCES to provide the basic information that defines a program.


CoSer Status:  The current status of this program.

School Year:  The current school year that this program is offered

First Year Service Offered:  The first school year that this program is being offered.

State Activity Code:  Activity code of the service.  Start typing a valid code and a list will appear allowing you to select a code.  The Activity Name will be auto-populated based on your selection.

Activity Name:  Name of the activity.  Start typing a valid name and a list will appear allowing you to select a name.  The Activity Code will be auto-populated based on your selection.

PSN:  The Program Service Number.


Program Description

The program definition section is intended for use by the BOCES to provide details on about the program's description.


Program Name:  The name of this program

Description of the Services Provided:  The description of the services being provided.


Service Plan


The Service Plan section provides details of the service which is being offered.


Needs Which the Service Will Meet:  A short description of the needs this service will aim to meet

Planning Process for Development of Service:  A short description of the planning process of this service

Measurable Goals and Objectives of the Service:  A short description of the measurable goals of this service

Evaluation Measures to Determine Achievement of Goals and Objectives:  A short description of the evaluation measures that will be used to determine achievement of goals and objectives

Role of BOCES Staff in Providing Service – Describe Specific Tasks/Activities:  What is the role of the BOCES staff in providing this service.  A short description of those tacks and activities.

Stipends and Substitutes (if applicable):  Any applicable stipends and substitutes.

Consultant Expenses (if applicable):  Any applicable consultant expenses.

Base Service and Additional Service (if applicable):  Any applicable base or additional services.

Select Cost Basis for Service: (If "Other" you must describe in box provided):  Cost basis for this service.  If 'other' is selected the user must provide a description in the provided text field.


Projected Student Count - The projected student count.


Projected Budget


All available budget items are displayed.  Users can fill in the appropriate budget amounts. The total field will update after the save.  Changes will be committed when the user clicks the 'Save Form' button.


Districts to be Serviced


To add a new district, start typing either a BEDS Code or a District Name in the appropriate box.  A completion list will appear based on what you type.  Select the entity you want, populate the percentage box and click the 'add row' button.  Changes will be committed when the user clicks the "Save Form" button.




General comments can be entered on the form.  Add text to the "Add New Comment:" field and then click on the "Save Form" button to save the comment.  Existing comments are displayed below the "Add New Comment:" field in ascending date order.


District Superintendent Certification


The "DSApprove" button in this section of the form allows the BOCES Superintendent to "Certify" the program in accordance with the guidance provided on the form.



BOCES SED Use Only (Program Approval)


The SED only section is for SED to approve or not approve a CoSer that has a status of "DS_APPROVED" (approved by the District Superintendent of a BOCES).  This section provides the ability to add an approval action, aid restriction comments, and aid restriction reasons.


To add an approval action, select an action from the box.  The following choices are available:

Approved Aid Restricted

Approved With Aid

Approved Without Aid

Not Approved

Return Without Action


The first three "Approved" actions will cause the status of the CoSer to change to "ACTIVE" once the form has been saved.  The CoSer will now show up on the List of Active Services.  The CoSer Status will not change and the CoSer will remain on the list of Program Awaiting Approval  if the "Not Approved" or "Return Without Action" actions are selected and the form is saved.


To add an aid restriction reason, select a reason from the box and click the "Add Aid Rest. Reason" button to add a reason.  All changes made in this section will be committed when the user clicks the “Save” button.  Any new comments entered into the "Add New Comment:" field will also be saved.


The entire form is controlled by privileges defined within the system and they have been setup in the following manner:  The Program Definition, Program Description, Service Plan, Projected Budget, and Districts to be Serviced sections of the form are editable only by BOCES users.  The general comments section that follows the Districts to be Serviced section can be edited by any user and those comments are saved with any button press on the form (except the Reset button).  The "DSApprove" button is only usable by BOCES Superintendents and the BOCES SED Use Only section is editable by SED staff only.  The "Save Form" button, saves every field on the form.  The "Reset" button clears all unsaved data from the form and resets the form with the last information that had been saved.