Reviewing and Updating the Entity Information Screen

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Reviewing the Entity Information Screen

The SAMS Entity Information screen is linked to another information system maintained by NYSED.  This system is a central repository that contains basic demographic information about the school entities that interact with NYSED, as well as, information about the main SAMS contacts that have been designated by each of these school entities.


To review the demographic and contact information associated with a school entity, select the Entity Info item from the SAMS main menu.  SAMS loads the Entity Information screen and you can review the current demographic information associated with the school entity selected in the top left corner of the application.  Users with the appropriate security role will be able to update the contact information on this screen.


Updating Contact Information

School entity users can update the information for their official State Aid contacts on the Entity Information screen.  Some of these official contacts are utilized by the SAMS application to send e-mail notifications to the school entities when specific events occur.  Therefore, it is important that the information for these official contacts is updated by the school entities whenever it changes.  To update the information for an official contact, perform the following steps:


1.Click on the Entity Info menu item.

2.Click on the Edit Entry button next to the contact that you want to update.

3.Update the contact's information.

4.Press the Edit Entry button.