Help for Schedule B4 - EPE Program Expenditures

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School Districts Accounting and Reporting Manual

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Report of 2017-18 Employment Preparation Education (EPE) Program Expenditures Supported by 2017-18 State EPE Aid


EPE AID reimburses districts for expenditures incurred to operate an approved Employment Preparation Education (EPE) Program, excluding any such expenditures funded by other State or Federal Aid programs or from tuition or fees collected from program participants. The purpose of this form is to collect EPE program expenditures supported only by State EPE Aid. The total of those expenditures will be compared to total EPE Aid for the same year to ensure that a) at least as much was spent on the EPE program as total EPE Aid paid and b) State EPE Aid was not used to support EPE program expense that was funded from other sources.



1.Enter all 2017-18 EPE expenditures on ST-3 Special Aid Fund Schedule B3 before completing this form.


2.In column (B) below, enter the specific 2017-18 EPE expenditures funded by 2017-18 EPE Aid (all or part of the EPE expenditures reported at account code F2340.0 of the 2017-18 ST-3 Annual Financial Report and displayed in column (A) below).


3.Do not include in column (B) any EPE expenditures that were funded by other State or Federal Aid programs, or by tuition or fees collected from program participants.


4.Documentation of reported expenditures, related revenues and claimed EPE contact hours must be maintained by your agency for possible future audit.


NOTE: Total 2017-18 EPE Aid paid to the district in excess of the total of column (B) above will represent an overpayment of 2017-18 EPE Aid and will be recovered by the State from future aid payments to your district.




Employment Preparation Education Program funds provided pursuant to subdivision 11 of Section 3602 of the Education Law may be spent only for personal services, employee benefits, equipment, supplies and materials, contractual services, travel expenses, staff development and training, and other such expenditures approved by the Commissioner. In order to be approved by the Commissioner such expenditures must support educational programs and services leading to a high school diploma or a high school equivalency diploma that are provided by a school district or BOCES to eligible students twenty-one years of age or older. The Commissioner of Education is authorized to set aside funds to serve individuals twenty-one and above who have a high school diploma or a high school equivalency diploma but "Fail to demonstrate basic educational competencies" (section 168.6(b) of the regulations of the Commissioner). If such programs or services are provided to a combined class of both eligible and ineligible students, only a percentage of the total program expenditures equal to the portion of total class enrollment represented by eligible students may be claimed for Employment Preparation Education Aid. No school district or BOCES may receive Employment Preparation Education Aid in excess of the difference of the total approved program costs minus all other State and Federal Aid and tuition revenues received by the school district or BOCES for operation of such program.