Schedule I: Contractual Trans Expense for District Operated Programs

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Directions For Schedule I

Do not include expenditures for any of the items included in the Non-aidable section of the List of Aidable and Non-aidable anywhere on this schedule.


In the appropriate provided contractual service line, enter here 2017-18 General Fund expenditures for contractual transportation services purchased as a part of a district operated program - 2017-18 ST-3, Schedule A4c, A5510.4, A5530.4 and A5510.49.  Any expenditures for computer bus routing annual program licensing or service maintenance fees should be reported separately from purchase of computerized bus routing system.


Only miscellaneous aidable expenditures which do not fit into any of the general categories provided should be reported in an "Other Miscellaneous Materials & Supplies" line and a description provided in the "Specify" field. Do not include bus purchase or vehicle purchase expenditures or bus or garage lease expenditures.


Please note that workers compensation should not be included here. It should be recorded in account code A9040.8 on the ST-3 and on Form FT entries 117 and 118.


Districts that contract for bus maintenance services should report the expenditure on line 8 and note the appropriate ST-3 account code (A5510.4 and/or A5530.4) (Do not include BOCES Bus Maintenance here, report on line 3).


Districts that have a BOCES Operation Contract (purchased services, including shared services on district owned buses) should report the expenditure in the appropriate services area on lines 20 though 23 and note the appropriate ST-3 account code (A5510.4 and/or A5530.4).


Refer to the Aidable and Non-aidable Items link on the Schedule I or the link below to see if a contractual service is aidable.


Guide to Aidable/Non-Aidable Transportation Expenses