Schedule W: Water Testing and Remediation Aid

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Schedule W - Water Testing and Remediation Aid (WTR)


1.Include in the 'Actual' column data from testing & remediation conducted during the 2017-18 school years.

2.Costs reported in the 'Actual' column will generate 2018-19 aid.  However, districts may be contacted by the Office of Facilities planning to discuss the information reported below, and in some instances districts may be asked to revise.

3.Remedial measures should not be reported on this form if they could be eligible for regular Building Aid.  Please contact the Office of Facilities Planning immediately if you are not certain whether to report certain remedial costs here.

4.Pursuant to New York State Department of Health (NYS DOH) regulation:  Districts must retain all records of test results, lead remediation plans, determinations that a building is lead-free, and waiver requests for ten years.  Copies of such documentation shall be immediately provided to the NYS DOH, local health department or State Education Department, upon request.

5.For additional information see the links below:

NYS DOH Regulation Section 67-4

Guidance on State Aid for Water Testing and Remediation