Help for Supplemental Schedule SS-22

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Help Screen for SS-22 - Personal Services by FTE and Job Code

Report the salaries and FTE for all staff using the following position title codes found in the "Position Title Job Codes" section on the "SS-20 thru SS-27 (Special Acts Only)" menu on the diskette. List agency administration personnel (job codes 600-690) using program code 9999. Do not allocate these positions between programs. Salaries and FTE's reported here must equal salaries reported on SS-20 lines 12, 36, and 60. List program specific (job codes 100-390) and program administration (job codes 500-590) personnel using the appropriate program codes. Salaries and FTE's for job codes 100-190 must equal SS-21 lines 15, 41, and 67. Salaries and FTE's for job codes 200-390 must equal SS-21 lines 2, 28, and 54. Salaries and FTE's for job codes 500 -590 must equal salaries reported on the SS-20 lines 11, 35, and 59. Staff with the same position title code and standard work week should be aggregated on one line. Do not skip lines between data.


(ENTRY 1) Program Code

Enter the four digit program code for which you are reporting costs from the 9000 series assigned by RSU listed below. Positions classified as job codes 600 - 690 should use program code 9999. PROGRAM CODE(S) PROGRAM NAME 9000 - 9014 School Age Special Education 9230 1:1 Aide 9250 Dormitory Authority Projects


(ENTRY 2) Job Code and Position Title

Enter the job code associated with each position using the position title codes provided by selecting "Position Title Job Codes" from the "SS20 - SS27 (Special Acts Only)" Menu of the diskette. Positions listed may not be considered reimbursable in all cases. Refer to the July 2006 Reimbursable Cost Manual to determine if the particular position is eligible for reimbursement. Staff with the same position title code and standard work week should be totaled and reported on one line. For a more detailed listing of positions and position codes, please call the Rate Setting Unit @ (518) 474-3227.


(ENTRY 3) Standard Work Week In Hours

Report full-time standard work week in hours for each position title reported. For part-time positions, indicate hours as if the positions were full-time. Example:  If an employee works 10 hours per week and the standard for this position is 40 hours, then 40 hours should be reported for the standard work week.


(ENTRY 4) Hours Paid

Indicate the total actual number of hours paid for all individuals in each position title. Include all overtime hours paid as straight time not as time and a half, i.e., 10 hours of overtime is reported as 10 additional hours, not 15 additional hours. Do not include hours spent on extracurricular activities (i.e., stipends for coaching) of direct care personnel in the hours paid for this program. The hours spent on extracurricular activities should be grouped together and reported as "Overtime Salaries" on the "Position Title" line. Example: Program 1: 6,240 hours Program 2: 8,050 hours.



Report employee FTE to two (2) decimal places. The formula for computing employee FTE's is as follows: Employee FTE = Total Hours Employees Actually Paid / (Hrs. in Employees Std. Work Wk. x 52 Wks.) Example: Social Worker is paid for 30 hours/week

for 40 weeks between July 1, 2006 and June 30, 2007. Hours in Std. work week are 37.50. 1200 (30x40) Hours Paid / 1950 (37.5x52) Hours = .62 FTE


(ENTRY 6) Amount Paid

Indicate the salary amount paid by position title for each program. The total salaries reported for each program must equal the total salaries reported for the corresponding programs on the SS-20 (administrative) and the SS-21 (direct care and/or facility).