Help for Supplemental Schedule SS-23

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Help Screen for SS-23 - Detail of Contracted Personal Services Articles 81 and 89

This schedule reports only written contractual agreements for direct care or clinical services that are listed as job codes 200-390. These costs must be reported on a program specific basis. Contractual services with the same job code and program code should be totaled and reported on one line. Contracted services involving administrative and facility non-direct care other-than-personal services (OTPS) must be reported on SS-24.


(ENTRY 1) Program Code

Enter the four digit program code for which you are reporting costs from the 9000 series assigned by RSU listed below: Staff with the same position title code should be totaled and reported on one line. PROGRAM CODE(S) PROGRAM NAME 9000 - 9014 School Age Special Education 9230 1:1 Aide 9250 Dormitory Authority Projects


(ENTRY 2) Job Code and Position Title

Enter the job code associated with each position using the position title codes provided by selecting "Position Title Job Codes" from the "SS-20 thru SS-27 (Special Acts Only" menu of the diskette. Positions listed may not be considered reimbursable in all cases. Refer to the July 2006 Reimbursable Cost Manual to determine if the particular position is eligible for reimbursement. For a more detailed listing of positions and position codes, please call the Rate Setting Unit @ (518) 474-3227.


(ENTRY 3) Hours Paid

Indicate the total actual number of hours paid for contracted services for each position title.


(ENTRY 4) Amount Paid

Indicate the total amount paid by position title for each program.