The Claims Review Process

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Overview of the Claim Review Process

Each form set (e.g. Form A and its related Schedules) has at least one Edit Exception Report associated with it. School entity users are responsible for running these reports and addressing all of the exceptions that have been generated before certifying their data.


After school entities have certified their data, NYSED State Aid staff members will review the associated Edit Exception Reports during their Claim Review Process and work with the school entity users to resolve any remaining exceptions.  Any modifications required to be made by school entity users to their certified data must occur in the Revision Data Area (see the Revising Data help topic for more information on how to revise certified data).


The forms in an associated form set will be read-only to school entity users in the Official Data Area after they have certified that form set's data.  As previously stated, any modifications to certified data must occur in the Revision Data Area.  During the Claim Review Process, school entity users will not be able to submit data changes, unless their form set has been Edit Rejected by NYSED.  If and when a form set is Edit Rejected, a school entity user will be able to make changes to the related form set and initiate the submission of the updated data from within the Revision Data Area of the application.


The 'Change Submission' form will be used by school entity users to submit their form data changes.  Change submissions will be summarized and submitted by form set.  For example, there will be a separate Change Submission form for Form A and its related schedules, as well as, for Form F and its related schedules if changes must be submitted for each of these form sets.  After a school entity's form set has been Edit Rejected and they submit their changes, the change submission request will automatically be assigned to the NYSED Claim Reviewer who rejected the corresponding Edit Exception report the first time.  The Claim Reviewer will review the Edit Exception Report again and make a determination as to whether or not they want to accept or reject the submitted changes.  Once changes have been accepted, they become incorporated into the Official Data Area.