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Attendance and The School Calendar: Guidelines and Reporting for State Aid Purposes

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School Calendar Update
School Calendar Advisory Regarding Scheduled Half Days

Counting 180 Days of Session for 2016-17: Scheduling a Superintendent’s Conference Day on Monday, June 26th 2017

180 Day Session Requirement

SAMS Form A Schedule A8 Worksheet

This EXCEL worksheet can be used to tabulate & count the number of session days that count toward the required 180 session days.

2017-18 School Year Days of Session Worksheet (excel 30 KB)
2016-17 School Year Days of Session Worksheet (excel 32 KB)
2015-16 School Year Days of Session Worksheet (excel 64 KB)

The Three Year Enrollment Summary Report with 2016 enrollment data is now available. District State Aid is impacted by these counts: It is critical for business officials to review this report and work with the district Data Coordinator to correct any inaccuracies. (Published 12-16-2016)
FTE Calculator for the calculation of student full time equivalent attendance as required by Education Law or the Commissioner's Rules and Regulations.
FTE Calculator
Last Updated: December 5, 2017