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Attendance and The School Calendar: Guidelines and Reporting for State Aid Purposes (Effective through the End of the 2017-18 School Year)
New 900/990 Hour Requirement Information (Effective Beginning with the 2018-19 School Year)

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New Calendar Requirements for the 2018-19 School Year and Beyond
In September 2018, the Board of Regents adopted a new minimum instruction requirement, which amended the previous requirement of a daily minimum number of hours for each of the 180 days (5.0/5.5 hours) to an annual aggregate number of hours over the period of 180 days in total (900/990 hours). To assist school districts in the development and tracking of their individual calendars, SED has developed a model calendar spreadsheet tool. Click here to view the model calendar and other information.

Revised 180-day Requirement Regulations and Guidance
Following the 60-day public comment period required under the State Administrative Procedure Act, on April 10, 2018, the Board of Regents adopted a revised version of Commissioner’s Regulation §175.5 regarding the minimum instruction required for the receipt of state aid based on the public comment received (click here to view the regulation and background). The Board of Regents also directed the Commissioner to work with individual school districts as they transition to implement the regulation. The revised rule will also be published in the State Register on April 25, 2018 for an additional 30-day public comment period pursuant to the State Administrative Procedure Act. The Department anticipates that the revised regulation will be presented to the Board of Regents for permanent adoption at the June 2018 Regents meeting and any comments received during this public comment period will be considered in the final adoption.

(Effective through the End of the 2017-18 School Year)
Counting 180 Days of Session for 2017-18: Scheduling a Superintendent’s Conference Day on Monday, June 25th 2018

(Effective through the End of the 2017-18 School Year)
School Calendar Update
(Effective through the End of the 2017-18 School Year)
School Calendar Advisory Regarding Scheduled Half Days

180 Day Session Requirement

SAMS Form A Schedule A8 Worksheet

This EXCEL worksheet can be used to tabulate & count the number of session days that count toward the required 180 session days.

2017-18 School Year Days of Session Worksheet (excel 30 KB)
2016-17 School Year Days of Session Worksheet (excel 32 KB)
2015-16 School Year Days of Session Worksheet (excel 64 KB)

The Three Year Enrollment Summary Report with 2016 enrollment data is now available. District State Aid is impacted by these counts: It is critical for business officials to review this report and work with the district Data Coordinator to correct any inaccuracies. (Published 12-16-2016)
FTE Calculator for the calculation of student full time equivalent attendance as required by Education Law or the Commissioner's Rules and Regulations.
FTE Calculator
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