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Attendance and The School Calendar: Guidelines and Reporting for State Aid Purposes(Updated April 2016)
FTE Calculator for the calculation of student full time equivalent attendance as required by Education Law or the Commissioner's Rules and Regulations.
FTE Calculator
SAMS Form A Schedule A8 Worksheet - This EXCEL worksheet can be used to tabulate & count the number of session days that count toward the required 180 session days.
2015-16 School Year Days of Session Worksheet (excel 64 KB)
2014-15 School Year Days of Session Worksheet
(excel 64 KB)
2013-14 School Year Days of Session Worksheet
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Latest Attendance News

The Three Year Enrollment Summary Report with 2015 enrollment data is now available. District State Aid is impacted by these counts: It is critical for business officials to review this report and work with the district Data Coordinator to correct any inaccuracies.

Scheduling Superintendent’s Conference Day after the
June 2015 and June 2016 Regents Examination Periods

Districts may schedule a single Superintendent’s Conference Day on Friday June 26, 2015 and/or Friday June 24, 2016, the day after Rating Day, if doing so is necessary to avoid falling below the 180 days of session required to receive the full allocation of Foundation Aid.  A total of no more than four Superintendent’s Conference Days per year may be counted toward the 180 day session requirement.  As in past years, districts may not schedule any instruction days after the Regents Rating Day.
January 2015 Regents Examinations and RCTs: Counting / Reporting Session Days for State Aid Purposes
Due to unusual weather, or natural or manmade disasters, districts may use up their scheduled snow emergency days in the first part of the school year. The following provides information regarding the 180 days of session requirement in Education Law section 3604 (7) as it relates to State Aid.
What happens when a district experiences weather - or disaster - related closures of many days?

Last Updated: June 24, 2016