Troubleshooting Tips for the 180 Day Calendar and Waiver Forms

  1. You must use the SED-provided spreadsheets available.
    "Jailbroken" spreadsheets will not be accepted, and your submission will be rejected.

  2. Be sure you are trying to upload the calendar for 2018-19 school year and are using the model calendar provided at the above link. SED does not need your planned 2019-20 school year calendars until the 2020-21 SAMS year, just the actual calendars from 2018-19 need to be submitted now

  3. Please check that the TABS are labeled as noted on the upload page: Please ensure the tab names for the calendars are in the format XXXXXXXXXXXX_YYYY, where X is the SED Code found in the table on the 180 day calendar data form and Y is the grade(s). Please ensure cell B5 (Grade Levels:) is correctly filled in otherwise your calendar will be rejected. As an example, for the YYYY naming convention, please use entries such as K-03, 0406, 0912, etc., do not use more than 4 characters. If only reporting one grade level (such as ½ day K or grade 6 who fall under elementary hourly requirements, but are sometimes housed with secondary), please use AMK or PMK, and 0006.

  4. Also please make sure that the grade levels in cell B5 of the spreadsheet agree with the grade levels on the calendar or it could override another correct calendar when uploading. Do not spell the grade levels out or put extraneous text after the entry. Please also do not put spaces or ampersands between – as an example, please use entries such as K-2, 3-5, 6, 9-12

  5. Please be sure the Grade Level Group chosen in cell B6 of the spreadsheet matches the data for the grades listed in cell B5.

  6. BOTH the waiver form and the calendar form need to be set to Ready status for the Superintendent to be able to certify. Even if a district is NOT applying for the waiver, they will need to complete Q1 on the waiver form, Save & Ready.

Last Updated: October 16, 2019