Troubleshooting Tips for the 180 Day Calendar and Waiver Forms

  1. You must use the SED-provided spreadsheets available.
    "Jailbroken" spreadsheets will not be accepted, and your submission will be rejected.

  2. Be sure you are trying to upload the calendar for the correct school year and the model calendar provided at the above link. SED does not need planned school year calendars for upcoming years. Only actual calendars for completed school years need to be submitted, for example the 2019-20 school year calendar spreadsheet must be uploaded to 2020-21 SAMS.

  3. BOTH the waiver form and the calendar form need to be set to Ready status for the Superintendent to be able to certify. Even if a district is NOT applying for the waiver, they will need to complete question 1 on the waiver form, Save & Ready.

Last Updated: August 25, 2020