Instructions for SA-116A
BOCES Rent Payment Worksheet 2017-18 Aid Year

  • Rental Expenditures are reported on the BOCES SAMS Capital Rent form, Items 7 and 8 and component allocations, due October 3, 2017. Increases to the SAMS rental expense claim must be submitted within the aid school year and must be supported by the SA-116A to receive aid on the increase.
  • The SA-116A must be emailed to and is due May 1, 2018 .
  • This year's SA-116A must be downloaded from the WEB. Please do not use an earlier version of the SA-116A.
  • Rent expense is claimed in the same year it is paid.
  • Report the Dormitory Authority (DA) Annual Admin Fee on SA-116A. In Col. C (Rental ID #), indicate a DA project by entering DA in characters 5-6, e.g. 0190DA1.
  • Report DA Principal and Interest on the SA-109.
  • Raise all cents to the next whole dollar.
  • Guidance on lease submission and review from the Office of Education Management Services.
  • All rented facilities must be approved by the SED Facilities Planning Unit (Form A).
  • The Total Aid Approved Rent Payments must match Approved Rental Expenditures and Total Component Allocation of Rental Facilities.
  • Complete ENTRY 2 first.

Downloading the SA-116A File to Your Computer: How to Open and Save the File
IMPORTANT: Do not use an earlier version of the SA-116A.

  1. Open the SA-116A Excel File (XLS File 78KB).
  2. Note: The next time you open the file, use MS Explorer or MS Excel (File, Open).
  3. Data Entry
    Complete Entry 2 - Facility Data Entry Worksheet
    1. BOCES Code:Click on the cell for BOCES Code data entry (Column C, Row 2) and enter the 6 digit BOCES LEA code. Press tab to jump to the next data entry cell and enter data. Note: if you tab rather than enter, the cursor will skip cells that are not data entry cells.
    2. BOCES Name: Enter the BOCES Name.
    3. (Column A is hidden).
    4. LEA Code: Enter the LEA Code of the school district renting the facility to BOCES. If a non-district is renting the facility to BOCES, enter the first 4 characters of the BOCES LEA code and 88 for the character 5 and 6.
    5. Rental ID Number: Enter the Rental ID Number, using one line per lease. This is a 7 character sequential number to be assigned by the BOCES. The first 4 characters are the first 4 characters of the BOCES LEA code; the last 3 characters are sequential numbers that the BOCES assigns. The leases are to keep these numbers throughout the lease and for subsequent renewals. Example: The first 2 Rental ID Numbers for Albany BOCES would be 0190001 and 0190002, respectively. For a Dormitory Authority (DA) Annual Admin Fee, indicate it is a DA project by entering DA in characters 5-6, e.g. 0190DA1.
    6. Use or Program Serial Number (PSN): Enter the program use or PSN.
    7. Name of Facility: Enter the name of the rental facility. (Maximum number of characters is 75.)
    8. Address: Enter the address of the rental facility. (Maximum number of characters is 75.)
    9. New Lease? Enter Y if it is a new lease. Enter N if it is not a new lease. Leases that need to be submitted to SED for the first time for 2017-18 are new leases. If a renewal is a new agreement enter Y.
    10. Rental Payments in 2017-18: Enter Rental Payments made on or after July 1 of the aid year.
    11. Non-Aidable Use/Revenues From Other Sources: Enter rental payments for non-aidable use or rent payments made from other sources.
    12. Calculated Aidable Rental Payments: This is not a data entry column and is automatically calculated by subtracting the value for Non-Aidable Use/ Revenues From Other Sources from Rental Payments in the aid year. The calculated payments must be approved by SED, to be aided.
    13. DO NOT ENTER DATA IN THE COLUMNS HEADED BOCES Unit Only. Approved amounts will be entered in these columns at SED.
  4. Click on the Entry 1 tab at the bottom of the window to open Entry 1 Worksheet.
    Complete Entry 1 - Component Allocation Worksheet
    Note: The BOCES Code and Name are automatically entered in Entry 1 when Entry 2 is completed.
    1. Certified by: When the form is completed and the data on the form has been approved by the BOCES, enter the name of the responsible person in (Column F, Row 2.)
    2. Allocation Basis (R, V or E): Enter R for RWADA, V for Actual Valuation or E for Enrollment of District.
    3. (Column A is hidden)
    4. LEA Code: Enter the LEA code for each component.
    5. Component Name: Enter the name of the component.
    6. Basis for Allocation: RWADA, Actual Valuation or Enrollment of District: Enter the component's value of the allocation method the BOCES is using.
    7. Component % of Total Basis for Allocation: This is not a data entry column and is automatically calculated by dividing the Component Basis for Allocation by the Total for all components.
    8. Calculated Rent Payments: This is not a data entry column and is automatically calculated by multiplying Entry 2 Total of Col. J by Entry 1 of Col. E. This is an estimate of aidable expense. Aid will be based on the BOCES Unit Approved Amount.
    9. Approved Rent: When SED enters the approved amount on Entry 1, the component allocation will be calculated in Col. G. If the SA-116A amounts are lower than the SAMS claim, SED will notify the BOCES of the reduction and request a new XML file with the changes. Increases to the SAMS claim must be requested.
  5. Save the file to C:\Bo17\xxxxRnty.xls (where xxxx is the 1st 4 digits of the BOCES LEA code and y is the submission number). If you have saved the file in a directory other than C:\Bo17 use the folder of your choice.

SAMS Capital & Rent form Rent Entry of the SA116A Calculated Rent Payment

All revisions to SA-116 data in SAMS will be in the form of XML and be imported into the the revision area. The following areas are where you should see your data after import:
    • SAMS Capital & Rent form , Item 7: Enter the SA-116A Entry 2 Col. H total in the Sams Capital & Rent form, Item 7.
    • SAMS Capital & Rent form, Item 8: Enter the SA-116 Entry 1 Col. F total in the SAMS Capital & Rent form, Item 8.
    • Component Allocations : Enter the SA-116A Col. F amount for each component in the component allocations for that component.

Note: Revisions to the SAMS rent claim and SA-116A may be requested during the aid year.

Send the SA-109 Excel File to SED

  1. Email the SA-116A
  2. State Aid will reply to the sender that the email was received.
  3. Dormitory Authority Building Expenditure Reporting
Dormitory Authority Building Expenditure Reporting
Schedule Principal and Interest Administrative Fee
SA-111 Sch 002 Report as Object Code .470 Payments to Dorm. Authority. Report as Object Code .480 Bond Trustee Dorm. Auth. Fee.
SAMS Capital & Rent form Report on lines 1 & 2 (Debt Svc). Report on lines 7 & 8 (Rent).
SA-116A Entry 2 *** Report as Rent and in Col. C enter for characters 5-6.
SA-116A Entry 2 SA109 Entry 1 ***

For any questions regarding the SA-1116a form, please contact State Aid at (518)474-2977.

Last Updated: June 15, 2018