Attention: Final Cost Reports submitted with missing or incorrect
EXCEL information will not be processed by SED

The State Aid Office cannot process Final Cost Reports (FCR) for EXCEL projects unless the district provides the information required for SED to determine that the correct EXCEL funds were reported and that no additional EXCEL funds will be received by the district from DASNY after submission of the FCR. All the information needed to submit an accurate FCR for an EXCEL project may be found in this memo, on the district’s EXCEL cover sheet and in this previously published guidance document:

Please note the following information regarding FCR submissions for EXCEL projects.

  1. A Final Cost Report should not be submitted to the State Aid Office until all EXCEL funds the district plans to request have been disbursed by DASNY to the district.

  2. The EXCEL funds reported on the FCR Source of Funds page must equal the total amount disbursed by DASNY to the district.

  3. If the amount disbursed is less than the EXCEL certified amount and the district does not intend to request the remaining funds from DASNY, the top of the Source of Funds page must be signed in NOTE box located on the form.

  4. Please review your district’s EXCEL Cover sheet webpage for details on your district’s EXCEL projects before submitting an FCR for an EXCEL project. Information needed to correctly complete FCRs for EXCEL projects is located on this page. To view this page, go to the “Important Information about Building Aid” section of the district’s output report page accessed via the State Aid Homepage (

  5. Districts will be notified via e-mail when an FCR cannot be processed due to EXCEL issues. For FCRs received after the publication of this notice, the ‘FCR receipt date’ for all Building Aid purposes will be the date on which a corrected FCR is received, not the original submission date. For FCRs initially received before the publication of this notice, the FCR receipt date for all Building Aid purposes will be date on which the FCR was first received; however, the FCR will not be processed by State Aid until a corrected FCR is received.

  6. EXCEL projects with Commissioner’s Approval Date (CAD) before 7/1/11: FCRs for these projects have specific due dates which if not met, will cause aid to be lost. If the need to correct an FCR submitted after the publication of this notice will cause the FCR to be late, the district will need to request an extension waiver from the SED Office of Facilities Planning.

  7. Chapter 97 EXCEL projects (projects with CAD on or after 7/1/11):  FCRs for these projects do not have due dates, but Building Aid for these projects cannot start until the FCR has been processed by SED. Therefore, the need to correct and resubmit an FCR may affect the start of building aid for the project. Please refer to memo below for further details on Chapter 97 process: (pdf 91KB)

 If you have any questions on this issue, please contact Caylyn Agans in the State Aid Office at (518) 474-2977 or email Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Last Updated: July 17, 2023