Please note that the Cost Allowances & Bond Percentage For Building Aid Purposes form (SA-130 cover sheet) contains revised wording that should be reviewed. The revised wording on the SA-130 cover sheet pertains to the importance of retaining all copies of SA-130 cover sheets. The revised wording on the form is as follows:

This form provides valuable information regarding the referenced projects. It is important to retain all copies of this form for documentation of all project data changes and bond percent changes. SED does not currently have the ability to track such changes and does not retain copies of this form. Your copy is the only source of information on the impact of bond percent fluctuation on your Building Aid.

Please be aware of the importance of keeping ALL copies of SA-130 cover sheets to serve as a valuable documentation trail of project and bond percent changes. This includes previous copies as well as the most recent copy. Therefore, please retain all copies of the SA-130 cover sheets rather than discarding previous cover sheets when a revised copy is received from State Aid. These forms are extremely helpful as they show when and why aid has changed and also serve as a valuable resource when tracing previous aid payments.

Last Updated: April 20, 2018