Complete and accurate SA-139 forms must be received at SED by Friday, September 29, 2023 in order to guarantee that the project will be included in the November 2023 frozen data file. SA-139 forms received after that date may be included in the November 2023 frozen data file but are not guaranteed to be included. (The "SA-139 receive date" is the date the SA-139 submission is considered complete and accurate and able to be entered on our State Aid system.)

Based on statutory changes enacted with the Laws of 2007, prospective projects eligible for initial Building Aid payments in the current year will have their initial year of payment deferred to July of the following aid year if a complete and accurate SA-139 was not received at SED in time to be included in the frozen data file created in November of the prior year. This may impact your Building Aid as follows: projects for which SA-139 forms are not received at SED in time to be included in the November 2023 frozen data file will not generate any 2024-25 Building aid, even if all other requirements have been met.

Please note for Chapter 97 projects (Projects with Commissioner Approval Date 7/1/11 or after):

In order to receive Building Aid districts must still submit an SA-139 Request for Project Data form for each project when a general construction contract has been signed. The SA-139 is still necessary for Building Aid to begin. Building Aid will not begin on a project if the SA-139 was not received in time to be included in the November 15th frozen data file in the aid year prior to the aid year in which Building Aid would be scheduled to start based on the CAD + 18 month rule, even if the final CSC and final cost report have been submitted.

Please note that data related to Building Aid for prospective projects is not yet part of the SAMS data collection system, and involves extensive processing. Therefore, changes to that data must be received at SED very far in advance of November 15th in order to be included in the November frozen data file: if your contract(s) have been signed, please submit the SA-139 form to State Aid by Friday, September 29, 2023.

Please email the form to:

Thank you for your cooperation.

Last Updated: August 2, 2023