Calculation of Final 2010-11 Charter School Basic Tuition

2010-11 charter school tuition per pupil equals the product of the school district's 2008-09 approved operating expense per pupil (AOE/TAPU) multiplied by the percentage increase between the 2009-10 statewide total approved operating expense and the 2007-08 statewide total approved operating expense (111.8%).

Please note that the 2009-10 State Budget initiated a one year freeze on these per pupil charter school payments. The 2010-11 Executive Budget proposed extending that freeze for one additional year, and the budget bills enacted by the legislature included that provision. While that legislation was vetoed by the Governor for reasons unrelated to the charter school tuition freeze, no additional legislation was enacted during the 2010 legislative session, and the provisions currently in law continue to apply.

Last Updated: May 3, 2017