State Aid Office Staff Assignments

MAIN PHONE NUMBER (518) 474-2977

Administrative Salary Disclosure Reports Office of Education Management Services
(518) 474-6541
Approved Operating Expense (AOE) John Cushin
Attendance Dianne Bittermann
Jeremy Bollam
BOCES Aids and Data Ashley Weil
BOCES Payments Gabriel Betancourt
Building Aids and Data Caylyn Agans
Bus Purchase Approval and Aid
Ian Hobbs
Career Education Aid
(Big 5 & non-components)
Jeremy Bollam
Dianne Bittermann
Cash Balances Joshua Staples
Charter School Intercepts Nik Eames
Joshua Staples
Charter School Questions Charter School Office
(518) 474-1762
Charter School Tuition and
Supplemental Basic Tuition
Joshua Staples
Community Schools Setaside Office of Student Support Services
(518) 486-6090
Computer Hardware Aid Dianne Bittermann
Computer Services Aid
(Big 5 & non-components)
John Cushin
CVEEBS (County Vocational Ed and Extension Bds.) ACCES Office
(518) 474-8940
Days of Session, 180 Day Requirement, School Calendar, and 900/990 hour requirement
Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY) Caylyn Agans
Electronic Funds Transfers (Aid Payments) Wanda Cinnamon
Employment Preparation Education Aid (EPE) John Cushin
EXCEL Building Aid Caylyn Agans
Excess Cost Aids: Public & Private Ed Truax
Federal Grants Grants Finance
(518) 474-4815
Form A (Attendance) Dianne Bittermann
Jeremy Bollam
Form FB (Building) Caylyn Agans
Form FT (Transportation) Ian Hobbs
Foundation Aid Sean Giambattista
Full-Day Kindergarten Conversion Aid Jeremy Bollam
Full Value Data
(Taxable Property Valuations)
John Cushin
Hardware Aid Dianne Bittermann
Hardware Loan: Non-public School Students State Office of Religious and Independent Schools (SORIS)
(518) 473-8202
Independent Audit SED Office of Audit Services
(518) 473-4516
Instruction Contracts Dianne Bittermann
Library Materials Aid Dianne Bittermann
Library Materials Loan: Non-public School Students State Office of Religious and Independent Schools (SORIS)
(518) 473-8202
Local Share Deduction Ed Truax
Lottery Aid –
Calculation and Payment
Joshua Staples
Medicaid Reimbursement via Excess Cost Aid Payment Andrew Kitzrow
Medicaid (SSHSP- School Supportive Health Svcs Program) Sheila Costa
Native American Building Aid Caylyn Agans
Occupational Education Aid
(Big 5 & non-components)
Dianne Bittermann
Overpayment Spreads Gabriel Betancourt
Payments and Payment Schedules Joshua Staples
Preschool Special Education Robert Wojtkiewicz
Prior Year Adjustments –
Payment of
Joshua Staples
Prior Year Adjustments –
Request for list
Joshua Staples
Private School Cost (Students with Disabilities) FTE Andrew Kitzrow
Property Tax Cap Office of Education Management Services
(518) 474-6541
Property Tax Report Cards Office of Education Management Services
(518) 474-6541
Public Pension Accrual – Application and Payment Joshua Staples
Rates for Providers of Services to Students with Disabilities Rate Setting Unit
(518) 474-3227
Reorganization Incentive Building Aid Caylyn Agans
Reorganization Incentive Operating Aid John Cushin
RESCUE Aid Caylyn Agans
Residential Property Tax Levy Data John Cushin
SA132 or 135 Caylyn Agans
SA139, SA4, SA25 and SA23 Caylyn Agans
SAMS Password/Access Information Technology Services
(518) 473-8832
SAMS Tech Support/Training John Cushin
School Calendar/180-Days Dianne Bittermann
Jeremy Bollam
School Report Card Office of Information and Reporting Services
(518) 474-7965
Short Session Deduction Dianne Bittermann
Jeremy Bollam
SIRS Enrollment Data on State Aid Forms and Reports John Cushin
Software Aid Dianne Bittermann
Software Loan: Non-public School Students State Office of Religious and Independent Schools (SORIS)
(518) 473-8202
ST-3 Michael Reilly
STAR (School Tax Relief) Joshua Staples
Teachers Retirement System (TRS) Gabriel Betancourt
Textbook Aid Dianne Bittermann
Textbooks: Non-public School Students State Office of Religious and Independent Schools (SORIS)
(518) 473-8202
Transportation Aid Ian Hobbs
Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) Sean Giambattista
Urban-Suburban Transfer Aid John Cushin
Urban-Suburban Transfer Program,
Program Participation
Office of Education Management Services
(518) 474-6541
Website and Home Page John Cushin
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