FTE Calculator For Attendance in the 2018-2019 School Year
(FTE 10, 12, or 2 month placements)

Calculation of Full Time Equivalent (FTE) attendance especially for student attendance for pupils with handicapping conditions, for incarcerated youth enrolled in approved educational programs pursuant to Part 118 of this Title and for homeless children attending the school district of current location or any FTE pursuant to section 175.6 of the Commissioner's Regulations.

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In order to be able to Save, Edit or Delete FTE data, you must Enter a LEACODE and a Password in the boxes above, then click "Save/Retrieve Records".

Note: The Password is stored as plain text (not encrypted) for the purpose of the FTE calculator only, and is viewable by certain SED staff. DO NOT use a password that you wish to remain private. The combination of LEACODE and the Password uniquely identify one set of data.


"Program Weeks", "Student Weeks", and "FTE" boxes in Table I are read-only. They will be filled
when you select "Beginning" and "Ending" dates using the select boxes below the the table. The "LEA Code" and "Student Number" boxes are filled when you click on the "Retrieve Saved Records" button above

FTE Table I
LEA Code


Last Updated: August 08, 2018