June 30, 2023 Expiration of Statute of Limitations on Certain State Aid Claims
Related to Aids Payable for the 2021-2022 School Year

Subdivision five of Section 3604 of the Education Law and section 175.10 of the Commissioner's Regulations prohibit certification of any State Aid payment to a school district based on a claim document submitted later than one year after the close of the school year in which aid is first paid. Therefore, all aid claim documentation and revisions that impact aids first payable in the 2021-2022 school year must be filed with the Education Department before the statute of limitations for such claims expires on June 30, 2023.

Please note that 2021-2022 aid generated by revised claim documentation (submitted between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023) will be treated as a prior year adjustment, payable on a delayed basis within the limits of annual State appropriations for such prior year adjustments.

The following listing of claim documents subject to the statute of limitations is provided for your information, but does not necessarily represent a complete listing of all claim documentation that may be subject to the statute of limitations. Districts should carefully review their claim records and the calendar of deadlines on the State Aid homepage to ensure that all required documents and any requested revisions to previously submitted documents are filed with the Education Department on or before June 30, 2023.

Form # Form Title and Purpose
BOCES SAMS and District SAMS Form Sets A, FB, FT and Related Schedules, including BOCES SA-109 & SA-116 Worksheets Basic Data Collection Documents for claiming and projecting BOCES Aid, General State Aid and other miscellaneous aids.
ST-3 School District Annual Financial Report
ST-3 Capital outlay expenses for building projects eligible for capital outlay exception aid must be reported on ST-3 Schedule G3 in appropriate lines 18-29. Link to information for Capital Exception Aid
STAC Forms 1, 2 or 3 for Excess Cost Aid

DSPUB, DSPRV - Approvals/Amendments for PUB & PRV

DRPUB, DRPRV - Reapplications for PUB and PRI

DVPRV Online verification screen within the STAC Online (EFRT) System. Used to verify student full-time-equivalent enrollment and costs for pupils with disabilities placed in approved private school programs.
DCPUB, DCPOD, DVPUB Online high-cost worksheets and online verification screen with the STAC Online (EFRT) System. Used to calculate and verify enrollment and costs for pupils with disabilities placed by the school district in public school programs.
BOCES and District Final Cost Reports (FCRs)

Capital Construction FCRs for which the calendar year of the Final Certificate of Substantial Completion (Final CSC) was 2021.

NOTE: District projects with Commissioner Approval Date (CAD) of 7/1/11 or after (Chapter 97 projects) are excluded since there is no FCR submission deadline for these projects. However, projects with a CAD on or after 7/1/11 aided via capital outlay exception aid or EXCEL in lieu of building aid are included as there is an FCR due date for these projects.

Form TC (Transportation Contracts) or Form TCS (Summer Transportation Contracts) Transportation Contract. All pupil transportation contracts must be submitted and approved for Transportation Aid to be paid on the contractual expense.
Form CE (Transportation Contract Extensions) or Form CES (Summer Transportation Contract Extension) Extension of Contract for Pupil Transportation. All pupil transportation contract extensions must be submitted and approved for Transportation Aid to be paid on the contractual expense.
  Request for Approval of Computerized Bus Routing Systems or Programs. Requests for approval of hardware and software programs or services related to computerized routing must be submitted and approved for Transportation Aid to be paid on the expense.
  Requests for Approval of Certain School Bus Equipment Items. Certain additional items of equipment that may be purchased in conjunction with a pupil transportation program must be approved for any Transportation Aid to be paid on the expense.

Please note that after June 30, 2023 any revisions saved but not submitted in the 2021-2022 SAMS claim year will be removed from SAMS on or after July 1, 2023.

Last Updated: May 31, 2023