SAMS (State Aid Management System) Frequently asked Questions

  1. I forgot my password and/or it doesn’t work. What should I do?
    If new SAMS accounts are needed you must contact the SEDDAS administrator in your district. Please contact your superintendent if you do not know who the SEDDAS administrator is for your district. If a password needs resetting, please see the Business Portal Password Reset/Unlock Account (pdf 270 KB)

    SED's Delegated Account System (SEDDAS) enables districts to create and maintain their own accounts and reset passwords for SAMS and other SED applications. You can visit for more information.

    For assistance using the SEDDAS system, you may contact NYSED using the following:
    Help Desk E-mail:

  2. We have a new Superintendent who needs a SAMS Login. What should I do?
    Click here for information on Superintendent user ids and passwords.

  3. When I try to save data, I receive an error message that says "Invalid Integer". What’s wrong?
    All the data must be entered using digits only. No punctuation or decimal points can be entered. For example, to enter 5.75 million dollars, you must enter: 5750000.

  4. Does the Superintendent have to log in and certify all forms?
    YES. That is the way SAMS was designed to operate.

  5. When I click "Print Form", nothing happens. What’s wrong?
    Your internet browser probably has the "Pop Up Blocker" on. To fix this, use Tools menu, Pop Up Blocker, Settings and set it to allow Pop Ups from this site.

  6. I tried to save my data and received the following error message:
    The Revision data area cannot be edited during the NULL data state by a DISTRICT user.
    No data has been saved What does it mean?

    In SAMS you begin to submit a form set by saving data into the "Official" data area. Only after the form set has been "Certified" by the Superintendent do you need to use the Revision data area for further changes.

  7. When my Superintendent clicked "Certify and Submit", SAMS returned the following error message:
    A form set can only be certified when all of its edit reports have the Ready data state. No data has been saved.

    What is wrong?

    The edit report for that form set must be marked as "Ready" before the Superintendent can Certify a form set. Just access the edit report in the Official data area, select "Run New" and click the Run Report button. After responding to any edits click "Save and Ready". After that, the Superintendent can Certify and Submit.
Last Updated: April 14, 2017