Non-Allowable Pupil Decimal (NAPD) Information

Section 156.7 of the Commissioner's Regulations requires that school districts provide documentation of a new nonallowable pupil decimal at least once every three years or if certain changes have occurred. Documentation should represent information regarding school bus routes and trips as of one, and only one day of regularly scheduled school session during any of the following months: March, April, or May. Documentation is to be submitted on a worksheet prescribed by the Education Department. Districts will receive this worksheet in an electronic format as part of the State Aid forms distributed each year in July.

Reporting Information
Worksheet for NAPD (Excel Doc 640 KB)
Note: Excel worksheet cannot be uploaded to SAMS. Data must be entered on SAMS NAPD Worksheets.
Instructions for NAPD
2023-24 Filing Information
List of Districts required to submit NAPD for SAMS 2023-24 Claim Year (pdf 428 KB)

Last Updated: March 13, 2023