Transportation Supervisor's Office

Q. How do I record expenses for the transportation supervisor's office?

Certain expenses of the Transportation Supervisor's Office are eligible to generate Transportation Aid. These expenses must be differentiated from operating expenses for transportation purposes. The ST-3 has certain separate codes for expenses such as salaries; these codes distinguish the expenses for the transportation supervisor's office from other transportation-related expenses, e.g.

  • Instructional Salaries ( Trans. Supervisor Office ) A5510.15

  • Non instructional Salaries (Excl. Trans. Supervisor Office) A5510.16

  • Non instructional Salaries (Trans. Supervisor Office) A5510.16.

It is important not to duplicate any expenditures for salaries, supplies and materials, equipment, etc.

Although school superintendents and school principals may be involved in the transportation program of the district, their salaries may not be prorated and charged to the transportation codes for transportation aid purposes. When there is no transportation supervisor, a portion of the business official's salary expense and fringe benefits can be allocated to transportation to perform the transportation supervisor duties. 

Last Updated: March 5, 2012