Review of SAMS Form A Schedule C designation of 2015-16
Textbook, Software, Library Materials and Instructional Hardware Expenses
for 2016-17 Instructional Materials Aids

Please review Form A Schedule C (Designation of 2015-16 Textbook, Software, Library Materials and Hardware Expenses used to calculate 2016-17 IMA in 2016-17 SAMS) to ensure that your district does not receive less instructional materials aid than it is due.

Comparing Schedule C column 1 (ST-3 expenses) to column 2 (maximum aid), you may have overspent in some categories, but underspent in others. If you underspent in any of the four categories, you may be able to designate expenditures in one or more of the other categories in column 3 to make up the difference, with the exception of Library Materials. Designated expenses for Library Materials may NOT exceed the reported ST-3 expense. Designating expenses correctly in column 3 may result in aid increases.

Please review the "Directions for Designating Expense" at the bottom of Form A Schedule C. If you determine that it would benefit your district to designate expenses, please submit your Form A revision before the 4/19/17 deadline. If you have any questions, please contact Dianne Bittermann at (518) 474-2977 or

Last Updated: February 2, 2017