Instructional Computer Hardware and Equipment Aid Comparison of 2006-07 to New Aid Enacted in 2007-08
  2006-07 Aid Year 2007-08 Aid Year
Relevant Statute and Regulation NYS Ed. Law section 3602 26: Hardware Aid apportionment
8NYCRR 175.25: Approval of expenses
8NYCRR 100.12: Technology plan
NYS Ed. Law section 753 (new): Hardware Aid apportionment
NYS Ed. Law section 754 (new): Loan to nonpublic students
8NYCRR 21.3 (amended 5/29/07): Lending procedures (nonpublic)
8NYCRR 175.25: Approval of expenses
8NYCRR 100.12 (amended 5/29/07): Technology plan
Eligible Expenses
  1. Purchase or lease of micro and or minicomputer equipment or terminals for instructional purposes;
  2. Technology equipment with a useful life, used in conjunction with or in support of educational programs including but not limited to video, solar energy, robotic, satellite, laser and other approved equipment.
  3. Repair and training/ staff development for instructional purposes.
  4. Pursuant to 8NYCRR 175.25:
    1. mini-computers;
    2. microcomputers;
    3. peripheral devices, including printers, video display plotters, and disk storage units;
    4. telecommunications hardware, including modems;
    5. special hardware boards;
    6. cables;
    7. audio, video, touch-sensitive and other electronic to human machine interface hardware; and
    8. other such computer hardware as may be required for the operation of a computer-based instructional program
  5. Expenses aided under this section are not eligible for aid pursuant to any other provision








Clarification for item #8: graphing or scientific calculators with a useful life and necessary to meet the State learning standards are considered other such computer hardware as may be required for the operation of a computer-based instruction program.





NO CHANGE. For example, expense for hardware included as part of an approved capital construction project must not be claimed for Instructional Computer Hardware and Equipment Aid.

Expense Reporting / Aid Claim Purchase and lease expense: ST-3 Codes A2630.22, A9785.6, A9785.7, V9785.6 and V9785.7 Repair Expense: ST-3 Code A2630.4 Staff Development Expense: SAMS Form FB line #141 NO CHANGE.
Revenue Reporting Included in A3101 Basic Formula Aid (3609-a) Report in new ST-3 item: A3262 Hardware Aid. (NOTE: For the ST-3 to be submitted in summer 2007, only projected 2007-08 Hardware Aid revenue will be reported. The estimated amount can be found on the SA0708 computer run on the State Aid website)
Aid Formula Lesser of approved expenses in the base year or $19.25 X Current Year RWADA Aid Ratio X Total Aidable Pupil Units (TAPU) Lesser of approved expenses in the base year or $24.20 X Current Year RWADA Aid Ratio X base year public and nonpublic enrollment (same enrollment as for Software Aid)
Repair and Staff Development Up to 20% of maximum aid amount can be spent. NO CHANGE.
Payment Schedule Paid as General Aid pursuant to NYSEL 3609-a Separate payment in early March 2008, and if necessary an additional payment in August 2008
Required Technology Plan To be eligible for aid, the school district must develop and maintain an instructional computer technology plan as required by 8NYCRR 100.12 Plan still required pursuant to 8NYCRR 100.12. Effective May 29, 2007, 8NYCRR 100.12 has been amended to require that the district's technology plan include an assurance of the superintendent of schools that the school district has provided for the loan of instructional hardware to nonpublic school students attending nonpublic schools located in the district.
Loan of Hardware to Nonpublic School Students Not required. Required. Districts must loan instructional computer hardware to students legally attending nonpublic elementary and secondary school located in the school district. (See accompanying document on hardware loan to nonpublic students)
Last Updated: May 3, 2017