New Information on the Aid Related to the Water Testing Portion of the
2016-17 SAMS Form FB Schedule W (Water testing and Remediation)

Due to varying situations in the field, districts that conducted testing after 1/1/2015 but prior to the 9/6/2016 issuance of New York State Department of Health (NYS DOH) regulations, and reported expenditures associated with that testing for which a waiver was not received from the NYS DOH, will not be receiving a deduction from aidable water testing expenditures at this time, even if a deduction had been imposed earlier in the aid year.  Due to this change, the total 2016-17 Water Testing and Remediation Aid amount at Line 26.5 on the 2016-17 BLD4 output report may be higher than it was prior to this posting.

SED will request from NYS DOH a list of districts they determined conducted pre-regulation testing that required a DOH waiver, but for which a waiver was not approved by DOH. Therefore, the 2016-17 water testing aid amount could change in the future based on information received from NYS DOH. If a deduction is taken in the future, it will be clearly indicated on the 2016-17 BLD 4 output report.

Please contact the Building Aid Unit in the State Aid Office with any questions: 518-474-2977.

Last Updated: April 20, 2018