Updates to 2016-17 SAMS Schedule W (Water Testing and Remediation)
are due by January 15, 2017

At this time SED is requesting that districts submit a 2016-17 SAMS Form FB revision if:

Based on SED review of already-submitted Schedule W data, here are a few tips to ensure accurate projections and aid payment:
  • Aid cannot not be paid on claimed testing or remediation costs if the supporting sampling and remediation detail are not provided.

  • The average estimated testing cost statewide was only above $75 for 6% of reporting districts, so if the average for your district is above $50 at item #1.f., please recheck your entries at items 1.a., 1.d., and 1.e. 

  • Confirm data in Schedule W #2 has been properly completed, being sure to indicate whether a waiver from NYS Dept. of Health has been granted, and if yes, enter in 2.c. how much of the testing cost incurred after January 1, 2015 but prior to September 6, 2016 was waived; this may be the whole amount in 2.a. or a portion of 2.a.

  • Pay particular attention to items 4.z. and 4.aa: aid can only be generated for remediation of outlets for which confirmatory sampling was conducted.

  • Check that the FB revision was actually submitted! You can do this by checking the SAMS Activity Log: Form FB should display “Revision Submitted” in the ‘Description’ column.

Please be advised that if certain items in the ‘actual’ column of Schedule W are left blank, or completed incorrectly, the total testing and remediation expense displayed at item #6 may not be the amount used by SED for actual payment of 2016-17 WTR Aid.
Last Updated: April 20, 2018