Help for Schedule G (Transportation Equipment)

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Directions For Schedule G

Do not include expenditures for any of the items included in the Non-aidable section of the List of Aidable and Non-aidable anywhere on this schedule.


In the appropriate provided equipment line enter 2017-18 General Fund expenditures for transportation equipment, including expenditures for equipment used in global positioning services and computerized bus routing services - 2017-18 ST-3, Schedule A4c, A5510.2 and/or A5530.2.


If expenditures for transportation are reported in other account codes, please transfer the amount out of that account code and into A5510.2 and/or A5530.2 account codes. Do not include bus purchase or vehicle purchase expenditures or bus or garage lease expenditures. Expenditures for the transportation supervisor's office should be reported on line 46 of this schedule.


Only miscellaneous aidable expenditures which do not fit into any of the general categories provided should be reported in an "Other Miscellaneous Equipment" line and a description provided in the "Specify" field.


Refer to the Aidable and Non-aidable Items link on the Schedule G or the link below to see if an equipment purchase is aidable.

Guide to Aidable/Non-Aidable Transportation Expenses