State Aid Fund Codes

Recently new fund codes were assigned by the Bureau of State Aid to the various types of aid paid by the New York State Education Department. These new fund codes appear on ACH transmittals and paper checks. The following table lists the types of aid and new fund codes cross-referenced to the old fund codes. We hope this will assist districts and BOCES in correctly managing funds.

State Aid Fund Codes
New Fund Code Aid Old Fund Code
SA4010 Lottery Aid SA07
SA4011 Lottery VLT Grants  
SA4013 Commercial Gaming-GF  
SA4014 Commercial Gaming-SRO  
SA4050 General Aid SA01
SA4060 Hardware Technology Aid  
SA4200 Public/Private Excess Cost SA25
SA4225 State Share Medicaid SA25
SA4250 Charter School Supplemental Basic Tuition Aid (SBTA)  
SA4306 Adv to Cities (CH280) All others SA40
SA4310 Chapter Tuition Aid SA14
SA4320 Employment Preparation Education SA52
SA4321 Consortium for Worker Education  
SA4330 Non Residential Homeless SA10
SA4332 Small Government Assistance  
SA4335 Incarcerated Youth SA81
SA4340 Library Materials SA71
SA4350 Software Aid SA53
SA4355 Summer School 4408 SA84
SA4356 Tuition Reimbursement 4201  
SA4365 Textbook Aid SA08
SA4370 MTA  
SA4375 Foster Care SA28
SA4385 STAR - Regular Districts SA03
SA4386 STAR - Big 5 Districts SA03
SA4387 NYC Tax Receipts SA04
SA4410 to 4419 Special Legislative Grants - Senate SA02
SA4420 to 4429 Special Legislative Grants - Assembly SA02
SA6001 to 6142 Special Legislative Grants - Assembly SA02
SA5050 General Aid Prior Year Adjs - NON GSPS  
SA5055 Fiscal Stabilization  
SA5200 Excess Cost Prior Year Adjs - NON GSPS  
SA5210 BOCES Prior Year Adjs - NON GSPS  
SA5315 CVEEB  
Last Updated: July 20, 2017