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State Aid Management System (SAMS) Help System

Getting Started

About SAMS

System Requirements

What's New?

Getting and Using Help

About Context-sensitive Help

Accessing Help

File Import Specs

Printing a Help Topic

Selecting an Entity to Work With

Selecting an Entity

Reviewing and Updating the Entity Information Screen

Data Collection Forms

Entering Data and Comments

Opening a Form

Entering and Saving Form Data

Adding or Reviewing Form Field Comments

Certifying Form Data

Understanding the Status of Forms

Printing Forms

The Claims Review Process

My Claims

Reviewing Edit Exception Reports

Running an Edit Exception Report

Searching for Items to Review

The Revision Process

Accepting or Rejecting a Change Request

Data Areas

Revising Data

SAMS Forms

Form A and Schedules

Form A

Attendance Schedules A1 - A8

Schedule B: Dual Enrollment Worksheet

Schedule C: Designation of Textbook, Software, Library Materials and Hardware Expense

Schedule P: Additional Data for Calculations

Schedule U: Charter Enrollment and FTE

Form FB and Schedules

Form FB: Building / Miscellaneous

Interest Rate Reduction Waiver Application Form

Schedule M2: Expenditures for Lease Buildings

Schedule N: Security Cameras, Metal Detectors, Safety Devices for Electronic Security Systems, Exterior hardened doors & Interior hardened doors

Schedule T: Shared Services Aid - Big 5 Only

Schedule W: Water Testing and Remediation Aid

Form BP: Bus Purchase

Form BP: Bus Purchase Forms

Form FT and Schedules

Schedule F6: Bus Purchase Amortization

Form ST-3 and Schedules

A. General Fund Menu

Exhibit A - General Fund Balance Sheet

Schedule A3 - General Fund Revenues

Schedule A4A - Expenditures by Function and Object of Expense (Entries 1 - 128)

Schedule A4B - Expenditures by Function and Object of Expense (Entries 129 - 298)

Schedule A4C - Expenditures by Function and Object of Expense (Entries 299 - 436)

Schedule A5 - Expenditures for the Microsoft Settlement (STVP)

Statement A1- Summary Statement of Budget, Revenues and Variance

Statement A2 - General Fund Summary Statement of Budget and Expenditures

Statement A3 - Analysis of Fund Balance

B. Special Aid

Exhibit B - Balance Sheet

Schedule B2 - Revenues

Schedule B3 - Expenditures

Schedule B4 - EPE Program Expenditures

Statement B1 - Analysis of Fund Balance

C. School Food Service

Exhibit C - Balance Sheet - School Food Services Programs

Schedule C2 - Revenues School Food Service Programs

Schedule C3 - Expenditures School Food Service Programs

Statement C1 - Analysis of Fund Balance School Food Service Programs

E. Public Library Fund

Exhibit E - Balance Sheet

Schedule E2 - Revenues

Schedule E3 - Expenditures

Statement E1 - Analysis of Fund Balance

F. Debt Service Fund

Exhibit F - Balance Sheet

Schedule F2 - Revenues and Expenditures

Statement F1 - Analysis of Fund Balance

G. Capital Funds

Exhibit G - Balance Sheet

Schedule G2 - Capital Funds

Schedule G3 - Expenditures by Project and by Control Account

Statement G1 - Capital Funds

H. Agency Funds

Exhibit H - Agency Funds

I. Permanent Fund

Exhibit I - Permanent Fund

Schedule I2 - Permanent Fund

Statement I1 - Permanent Fund

J. Miscellaneous Special Revenue Fund

Exhibit J - Miscellaneous Special Revenue Fund

Schedule J2 - Miscellaneous Special Revenue Fund

Statement J1 - Miscellaneous Special Revenue Fund

K. Private Purpose Trust Fund

Exhibit K - Private Purpose Trust Fund

Schedule K2 - Private Purpose Trust Fund

Statement K1 - Private Purpose Trust Fund

Supplemental Schedules SS-1 to SS-9

RSU Forms and Schedules

PRSU Schedules

Supplemental Schedule SS-10

Supplemental Schedule SS-11

Supplemental Schedule SS-12

Supplemental Schedule SS-13

Supplemental Schedule SS-14

Supplemental Schedule SS-16

Supplemental Schedule SS-20

Supplemental Schedule SS-21

Supplemental Schedule SS-22

Supplemental Schedule SS-23

Supplemental Schedule SS-24

Supplemental Schedule SS-25

Supplemental Schedule SS-26

Supplemental Schedule SS-27


Supplemental Schedule SS-31

Supplemental Schedule SS-32

Supplemental Schedule SS-33

Supplemental Schedule SS-34

Administrative Compensation Information Form

Property Tax Report Card