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State Aid Office Mission: To determine and distribute the correct amount of State Aid to public school districts and BOCES in a timely manner, and provide accurate and timely data for use in State Aid projections.

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2014-15 Statewide Averages to be Used in Computing Aids Payable during the 2014-15 School Year
2014 amendments to NYS Education Law 3602 6.(e)(5)(c) regarding recalibration of interest rates for prospective projects and retro bond amortizations
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Updating School District and BOCES SAMS State Aid Data for 2013-14 Aid and 2014-15 Projections
2014-15 State Aid Projections: Preliminary Estimates of 2013-14 and 2014-15 State Aids Payable Under Section 3609 and Other Aids

On March 28, 2014, the Non-Allowable Pupil Decimal (NAPD) Preparation and Filing memo was emailed to all School District State Aid Designees. Additional information and a list of districts required to file the NAPD worksheet using 2013-14 school year data is now available.
NAPD Information
2013-14 Textbook, Software and Library Materials Aid will be Frozen April 30, 2014
Due to unusual weather, or natural or manmade disasters, districts may use up their scheduled snow emergency days in the first part of the school year. The following provides information regarding the 180 days of session requirement in Education Law section 3604 (7) as it relates to State Aid.
What happens when a district experiences weather - or disaster - related closures of many days?
Interest Rate Recalibration UPDATE: Status of Waiver Applications Received by 11/15/2013 and Addtional Information
2014-15 Executive Budget School Aid Estimates On The NYS Division of Budget Website

2013-14 Description of Payment Schedule for General State Aid Payments Combined Fixed and Individualized Payment schedule with a Sustaining Spring Advance.
2013-14 Payment Schedule Description
View the 2013-14 Payment Schedule for your district
January 10, 2014 SIRS Extract of 2013 BEDS Day Enrollment Counts for State Aid purposes and SAMS Revisions for Selected Projected Enrollment
Guidelines for State Aid Programs that Reimburse Districts for Computer Technology Expenses (pdf 73 KB) (Updated November 2013)
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2013-14 State Aid Calculations (Output Reports) Released for Public View

Interest Rate Recalibration: Implementation Details, Waiver Applications and Lists of Affected Bonds/Projects
Late-Filed Independent Audits
Districts missing Independent Audits
Impact of late filed Independent Audits on State Aid Payments

Final Building Aid Statewide Average Interest Rate based on debt incurred by districts between 7/1/12 and 6/30/13
Last Updated: April 10, 2014