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State Aid Office Mission: To determine and distribute the correct amount of State Aid to public school districts and BOCES in a timely manner, and provide accurate and timely data for use in State Aid projections.

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2018-19 Executive Budget School Aid Estimates On The NYS Division of Budget Website

To view your district's estimates enter your district 6-digit BEDS code or district name in the top left hand corner under View District Data.

Reminder - Upcoming Deadline
To guarantee inclusion in the February 15th database file, all changes to 2017-18 SAMS should be submitted by January 15, 2018.

2017-18 State Aid Output Reports now available within SAMS and to the Public.

New Automated Bus Purchase System Now Available in 2017-18 SAMS!
Release Announcement and District Guidance
SAMS Bus Purchase System Manual for District Users

Final Building Aid Statewide Average Interest Rate based on debt incurred by districts between 7/1/16 and 6/30/17.
Building Aid Statewide Average Interest Rate
Information regarding Spreading Overpayment Deductions Over Three Years Pursuant to Education Law 3604(5)
Memo to Superintendents of Public School Districts and District Superintendents
Application requesting a Three Year Overpayment Recovery (pdf 5 KB)
Statewide Interest Rate for Assumed Amortizations of Transportation Capital Expenses for the 2017-18 Aid Year
Transportation Capital Expense Statewide Average Interest Rates
Interest Rate Reduction on Assumed Amortizations for Building Aid Purposes
2017-18 Description of Payment Schedule for General State Aid Payments Combined Fixed and Individualized Payment schedule with a Sustaining Spring Advance.
2017-18 Payment Schedule Description
Late-Filed Independent Audits
Impact of late filed Independent Audits on State Aid Payments
2017-18 State Aid Calendar of Deadlines
Now Available
2017-18 FTE Calculator for the Calculation of Student Full time Equivalent Attendance
Bus borrowing information on Schedule F6 is required by September 1 in order for the State Aid Office to calculate a statewide average interest rate for transportation capital assumed amortization calculations.
Information regarding 2017-18 SAMS Schedule F6 filing
Important Reminder on SA-132 and SA-135 borrowing forms due September 1, 2017.
Notice on SA-132 and SA-135 submission deadline
Important Reminder on SA-139 Submission deadline of October 16, 2017 for guaranteed inclusion in the November 2017 Frozen data file
Notice on SA-139 submission deadline
Guidance on State Aid for Water Testing and Remediation (Revised 8/2017)
Guidance for District and BOCES Accounting for Smart Schools Bond Act (SSBA)
(PDF doc PDF version)
Now Available - 2017-18 Claim Forms are now available in SAMS
For additional Information link to SAMS Information and SAMS Training Materials
Final Review of fall 2016 Enrollment and Free & Reduced Price Lunch (FRPL) Counts Affecting your District’s State Aid (PDF doc 59 KB)
2017-18 State Aid Handbook (PDF doc 1 MB)
Changes to the ST-3 Form for the 2016-17 School Year (2017-18 Claim year SAMS)
List of changes to 2016-17 School Year ST-3 Form (2017-18 Claim Year)
Bus Purchase Approval Automation Project: Announcement & Preliminary Guidance
(PDF doc 115 KB)
School Calendar Update
2017-18 Charter School Basic Tuition
Definition and listing of 2017-18 Charter School Basic Tuition and Supplemental Basic Tuition Rates.
New Information on the Aid Related to the Water Testing Portion of the 2016-17 SAMS Form FB Schedule W (Water testing and Remediation)
Special Apportionment for Salary Expenses to accrue to 2016-17 from 2017-18
Informational Memo to Superintendents
Application for all Districts except NYC and Yonkers (pdf icon 134 KB)
Public Pension Accrual Pursuant to Chapter 56 of the Laws of 2015
Informational Memo to Superintendents
Application for all Districts except large 5 city School District (pdf icon 104 MB)
Implementation of Interest Rate Reduction on Assumed Amortizations for Building Aid
2017-18 Statewide Averages to be Used in Computing Aids Payable during the 2017-18 School Year
2017-18 State Aid Projections: Preliminary Estimates of 2016-17 and 2017-18 State Aids Payable Under Section 3609 plus Other Aids.

School Calendar Advisory Regarding Scheduled Half Days
Counting 180 Days of Session for 2016-17: Scheduling a Superintendent’s Conference Day on Monday, June 26th 2017
Last Updated: January 17, 2018